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  • The school motto "Excelsior" is a Latin and archaic English word that means "ever higher". It reflects our philosophy of pursuing excellence in every aspect of our operations and academic delivery, as well as the perseverance and determination to achieve higher goals.

  • Achieve academic excellence through a challenging instructional programme, using a holistic approach, so as to educate students to become independent, enquiring and enthusiastic learners.

  • Address the intellectual, emotional, social, creative, linguistic, cultural, moral, aesthetic and physical needs of each student.

  • Develop in students an awareness of global issues, encourage discussions and provide opportunities for them to exercise their own problem-solving skills.

  • Provide co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes that develop the students' leadership qualities, aesthetic appreciation and physical capabilities.

  • Build a team of professional teaching staff who engage in active professional training and development and keep abreast of current educational philosophies and teaching pedagogies.

  • Take a strong stand against discrimination and respect human rights of individuals.

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