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Ireland ,the most wonderful place with high quality Education

" Ireland’s worldwide reputation for high quality education is built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence " - Giles O'Neil , Head of Education in Ireland

Do you know why people would choose Ireland as their study destination compare to UK & USA ? According to " Understanding U.S. study abroad in Ireland Summary and discussion of key findings Understanding U.S. study abroad in Ireland Summary and discussion of key findings " - Language , Travelling , Culture still the main reason that students decided to study in Ireland.

Language - The common language in Ireland is English where International Student doesn't not require to learn about Irish Language before enroll to universities in Ireland comparing to others European Countries.

Travelling - It's very convenient for students to travel to Europe while study in Ireland , cross border travelling is allowed during their summer holiday. Most of the students would love to book a ticket flight to UK from capital city of Ireland , Dublin which only 1 hour , or they can even take bus to Belfast which might take around 1 hours from Letterkenny.

Culture - With a fun and active student life in a friendly , safe and welcoming environment. Student also will get to enjoy most of the special events & cultures during their time to study in Ireland.

Others Reason For you to study in Ireland

If you are someone who more focus about the Science / Research Programme

Wondering how many university in Ireland ?

Here you go !

How to proceed the Application Process ?

GB Academy will assist you to understand about the courses structures and info of the university that you looking for ! There's no charging for enquiry so you may feel free to ask as much as questions if you can.

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